Mountain Rats

In a rather beautiful part of the Black Forest lies the Badischen Landgasthof Lautenfelsen - the site of many a superb night involving food, beer and music and the odd sore head!  The Mountain Rats are a group of UK-based motorcyclists but Gerhard, who, with his lovely lady Dagmar, owns and runs this superb establishment has been voted in as the "13th Rat".  Gerhard rides a mean BMW motorcycle himself, plays a variety of musical instruments and knows a lot of German marching songs - everything you need for a fine night out in the Black Forest.  Seriously, we cannot recommend Gerhard & Dagmar's wonderful guesthouse highly enough - you will be as welcome on a motorbike as in a car and will not be dissappointed.  The village, built on a steep hill, is picturesque and provides immediate access to the Forest itself and the Lautenfelsen - a huge rock promontory that overlooks the village and from where, with a good shout, you can order your beers to be ready in time for your arrival back at the bar!

Welcome and comfort are not an issue for rider or discerning pillion (yes dear, of course dear!).  If you do go to Lautenbach then treat our friends with the huge respect that they deserve and enjoy your stay!